“Little becomes much when you give it the Master’s touch”

O The Orange pages

Business and corporate branding solutions including Logo design, Illustration and graphic design for print and web. It also contains “Theming” works, large sculptural commercial installations and a couple of Musician prints.

O The Blue pages

Messianic and Biblical works. Master’s Prints, new color prints, Praise Stars, Biblical Jewelry, and Biblical bands.

O The Purple pages

These are my other products. My writings include Biblical studies: “Pictures”, “When all the Pictures are Restored”, and several others, my novels, and other books. There is a music CD, Notecards, Jewish Marriage Calligraphy, and other products.

O The Black pages

Recent Works of paintings, drawings, sculpture and paper pieces in the form of posts that are updated to show the work by year.

My latest projects.

After 25 years, my dream has finally come true to make my magnum opus: “When All the Pictures Are Restored” into a book! It has always been in an enormous 3-ring binder. But now, it is 1,060 pages at 2 inches thick. It is beautiful! See it in the Purple Pages.


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